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Administrative Analyst/Assistant

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The Administrative Analyst/Assistant Program is intended to help prepare qualified employees develop key skills and competencies for successful performance in higher-level analyst and supervisory staff positions. However, the knowledge participants gain from this program may be immediately applied in their present positions.

This voluntary professional development program consists of 100 hours of classroom instruction plus homework assignments and group projects over a 13-week period. Content will include current business concepts and practical applications in the workplace. The customized curriculum will draw on topic areas including:

  • Leading and Succeeding in Staff Positions
  • Completed Staff Work
  • Online Research Techniques
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Understanding the County Organization and Strategic Plan
  • Overview of County Processes
  • Written Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills

These courses are customized specifically for the County and are based on a structured needs assessment process. University professors will join County experts in teaching these classes.

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This voluntary professional development program is targeted for County employees who are eligible to apply for higher-level analyst and supervisory staff positions throughout the County, such as: Analyst, CAO; Program Specialist III, CAO; Head Departmental Personnel Specialist; Head Departmental Personnel Technician; Human Resources Analyst III; Staff Analyst, Health; Supervising Operations Assistant I, Sheriff; Supervising Administrative Assistant II; Administrative Services Manager I; and Data Systems Supervisor I. Employees currently at the levels listed above are also encouraged to apply.

Employees in positions such as Administrative Assistant I or Staff Assistant I may also apply; this program is an excellent opportunity to develop fundamental skills necessary to advance your career.

A list of qualified applicants will be given to each respective department management. Each department will determine the order in which its applicants will attend the program, based on job performance, the number of training slots allocated, locations of training sessions, and the needs of the department.

Classes will be held two half-days per week in the late afternoon and one Saturday each month. Course work and assignments will be partly on County time and partly on your own time. You should anticipate at least one hour of study time for each hour of class time. Participants who are successful in completing the program will be awarded a certificate of completion from the Los Angeles County Learning Academy. Certification will require completion of all testing and other assignments. Participants may also be eligible to receive 10 continuing education units. Program costs will be financed by the Los Angeles County Learning Academy.

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Matthew Leos: mleos@hr.lacounty.gov