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Contract Manager/Analyst

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The Contract Manager/Analyst Certificate Program has been designed to enhance the skills of those employees performing at this level, and to help prepare people for future vacancies at the contract manager or analyst level. The program places emphasis on applied critical thinking in solicitation and evaluation methodologies, communication skills in negotiations, and the technical steps to develop and manage the County’s contractual obligations. Participants will learn County specific contracting policies and practices including legal contracting authority, specific solicitation practices, and contract approval procedures. The knowledge participants gain from the program can be immediately applied in their present positions.

Content will focus on contracting principles and County practices and processes. The customized curriculum will draw on topic areas such as:

  • Elements of Contracting
  • Legal Contracting Authority in the County Environment
  • Contracting Strategy and Planning
  • Solicitation development and Process
  • Proposal Evaluation Process
  • Contract Negotiation and Approval
  • Cost Analyses
  • Administering and Monitoring the Contract

This course is customized specifically for the County and is based on a structured needs assessment process. University professors will join County experts in teaching these classes.

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The certificate program targets all employees who currently manage or perform contract analyst functions in a department's centralized contracting unit on a day to day basis. While these positions may vary from department to department, employees should perform or manage the following functions: preparing solicitation documents such as RFPs, RFSQs, or IFBs; managing the contract solicitations process by participating in the proposal/bid process, and preparing documentation to support contract recommendations; developing contracting language such as a statement of work, standard terms and conditions, and performance requirement summary; preparing letters and memos to the Board of Supervisors recommending award of contracts; or preparing final contracts and providing contract administration support throughout the department. Administrative deputies, Chief Deputies, and othersenior level managers are also welcome to apply for this program. Priority will be given to applicants who meet the stated criteria and who have successfully completed the 2-day Contract Workshop - Orientation to Basic Principles of County Contracting.

Classes will be held two half days per week in the late afternoon and one Saturday each month. Course work, assignments, and group projects will be partly on County time and partly on participant’s own time. Participants can expect outside class work of at least 100 hours during the 3-month course.

Participants who are successful in completing the program will be awarded an Advanced Professional Development Certificate by California State University, Northridge and the Director of Personnel, and will be eligible for 10 continuing education units. Certification will require completion of all tests and assignments. Program costs will be financed by the Los Angeles County Learning Academy.

This certificate program is an additional opportunity for employees to develop the skills important to compete for future contract manager/analyst level positions. While participants may receive credit for appropriate classes in future County examinations, it should be understood this certification does not replace existing exam processes and does not guarantee appointment.

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Matthew Leos: mleos@hr.lacounty.gov