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The Staff Assistant Certificate Program is a voluntary skill-building program designed to help qualified employees develop key skills and competencies for successful performance in higher-level staff positions. This is a five module, 102-hour certificate program offered primarily on County time. The Program is designed to provide exposure and applied experience through courses in areas such as writing reports, gathering data, incorporating data into reports, making recommendations, identifying problems, thinking critically, and learning supervisory skills.

The curriculum will draw upon the five modules listed below:

Module 1 - Interpersonal Relations and Supervisory Skills

This 6-week course focuses on individual challenges such as identifying personal strengths and weaknesses as a supervisor, applying the process of communication; understanding and applying coaching skills; defining and measuring worker excellence; applying steps in effective coaching and turning a collection of people into a team; and understanding decision making tendencies; styles, and mistakes.

No prerequisites

Module 2 - Problem Solving Through Thinking Critically

This 6-week course teaches principles and practice of critical thinking, including concepts such as evidence, reasoning, logical fallacies, refutation, persuasion, perception, ambiguity, truth, and validity. It also covers material designed to assist students to become familiar with concepts of data interpretation, reasoning, quantitative problem solving, and reading comprehension.

No Prerequisites

Module 3 - Written and Oral Business Communications

This 6-week course teaches business communications including writing effective memos and letters, writing clear and appropriate policies and procedures, writing reports, and delivering effective oral communications. This module provides an overview of the writing process: defining your purpose and analyzing the audience, the importance of the first paragraph, pyramid approach, and other effective writing techniques.

Prerequisite: Completion of Business Writing III, Successful Communications at Work, or test placement at the level of either class.

Module 4 - Introduction to Statistics and Quantitative Analysis

This 8-week Course provides students with the basic tools necessary to develop basic statistical and quantitative analysis skills needed to perform effectively as a Staff Assistant. The course focuses on statistics and the importance in our daily lives looking at data such as birth rate statistics or student to teacher ratios. The course will also discuss measuring such things as characteristics and attitudes, making sense of data; assessing validity of data; learning patterns of frequency distribution, rules of probability and comparing and contrasting variables; and exploring and summarizing such information.

Prerequisites: Completion of Math 2 or test placement at the level of Math 2, and basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Module 5 - Intermediate Statistics and Data Interpretation

This 8-week course introduces students to more advanced techniques of statistical and quantitative analysis competencies needed to perform the job of an Administrative Analyst which will include constructing and analyzing contingency tables; using linear regression to understand relationships between variables and making appropriate inferences; measuring and presenting performance data; and presenting results of quantitative analysis in a clear and understandable manner.

Prerequisite: Completion of Module 4

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Eligibility Requirements

This voluntary skill development program is targeted for County employees who are at the level of Intermediate Typist Clerk or higher - OR - are eligible to apply for Staff Assistant I, II and III positions including Administrative Aid or higher, Secretary III or higher, Intermediate Supervising Clerk and Intermediate Supervising Typist Clerk. Employees currently at the Staff Assistant level are also encouraged to apply.

Program Format

This program consists of 102 hours of classroom instruction plus homework assignments over a 35-week period. Classes will be held one day per week, either in the morning or afternoon, and occasionally a Saturday class my be scheduled. Classes will be held at various campuses or County facilities. Students should expect at least one-hour of study time for each hour of class time.

Modules may be taken in any order, if prerequisites are met. Once all five modules have been completed, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from Los Angeles Valley College. The program will culminate with administration of the written test for Staff Assistant.

A list of applicants will be provided to each respective department management and each department will determine the order in which its applicants may attend the program based on job performance, the number of seats available, and the needs of the department.

Program Costs

All costs of this workshop, including textbooks, parking, and instruction are paid for by the Los Angeles County Learning Academy.

Norma Bueno-Gonzales: ngonzales@hr.lacounty.gov